This is “Amerikanske drømme” “American dreams” In the front we see the eggs of opportunity, they are guarded by swamp alligators, who again is overlooked by the statue of liberty.


This is called “Operasanger med sceneskræk”  “Opera singer with stage fright”. Being “on stage” is one of the biggest dreams of my generation. Around the subject we see the intimidating lights and roar of the performers vacuum. This is the moment of failure or success.


“Spejlside” “Mirror side” A mirror is real, yet its reflection is not reality. As a child I would walk around the house with at mirror in my hands facing the ceiling. You should try it. Take a walk on the ceiling.


“Altseende orm” “The all-seeing worm” At night, this creatures crawls in the streets. It sees all and everyone. Some time ago it bought a Fez, but no one noticed before now.


“Fanger med udbytte” “Hunter with game” Who is hunting who and why. The four hunters (aprox mid image) caught four snakes. Immediately after they did, they entered the roam of self-doubt. This is the price of killing fairytales. I use a heavier pen for the outline – in hindsight it would have been interesting if I hadn’t.



This was the first illustration I made. It’s called “Drømmefanger mens gravid” “Dreamcatcher while pregnant”. I tried to capture the conception of life inside the womb – in this case both the inner and outer happenings that goes into any  creation.